Based on his many books, these are the slide shows currently available by Ron Brown:

Rails Across Ontario
Despite the unnecessary demise of rail travel in Ontario, there remain ample opportunities to celebrate that heritage. This show will reveal preserved stations, interesting museums, and bridges which were considered feats of engineering. It will also take the viewer on board operating train excursions, be they regular and tourist operations.
Ontario's Forgotten South Coast
This presentation reveals the heritage of the Lake Erie shore, a region of the province which many scarcely realize is even there. The show talks about southern forests, rumrunning days and Ontario's world biosphere reserve.
From Queenston to Kingston
From Queenston to Kingston takes viewers along the shore of Lake Ontario showing them a heritage that is either lost or overlooked. We visit old lighthouses, ghost towns and Ontario's last fishing colony.
The Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore
A nostalgic look back upon the days when the railway station was the gateway to the rest of the country. The show takes its audience back to the beginnings of the railway era in Canada and how the station evolved not just into architectural grandeur, but also as the heart of Canada's communities large and small.
Top 150 Unusual Things to See in Ontario
Right in our own back yards, Ontarians can find a treasure of strange and unusual features, natural and man-made; like the Hell Holes of Eastern Ontario, or the disappearing river near Peterborough. This show describes Ontario's own "Stonehenge" and the carvings of the Apple Park Farm, and a town with a Roman town plan that is 2000 years old.
Downtown Ontario. Unusual Main Streets to Explore
Ontarians feel fondly for their downtowns where businesses line the busy main street. But they are not all the same. There is the main street which goes around in circles, one that is paved with gold and another that is based on a Roman town plan more than 2000 years old. The show illustrates the architecture, the history and the unusual stories of Ontario's strangest main drags.
Behind Bars
Follow Ron Brown with this light-hearted look inside Ontario's ancient lock-ups. Who won the fight for Ontario's smallest jail, and how did the story of the man who was hanged but didn't die make it into Ripley's "Believe It or Not?" The show tells about the break-outs, "black holes" and the cruelties found in Ontario's county jails, local lock-ups and the "big houses." It shows the audience how they too can "go to jail" without worrying about getting back out.
Ontario's Ghost Town Heritage
It may surprise many that Ontario offers a rich heritage of ghost towns, from golden boom to once-busy railway centres, to mill towns and farm hamlets. This presentation reaches across the province to visit many of them.

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